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Of all the Artix Entertainment games, most of them are either a solo experience or a full-fledged MMO where players have to cooperate with each other. But it’s Epic Duel that makes the players compete directly. Epic Duel is, like all other Artix Entertainment games in addition to AdventureQuest 3D, a free browser-based MMO that allows players to compete directly in turn-based battles.

And as with all other Artix Entertainment games, Epic Duel offers a subscription model that allows them to unlock additional equipment and cosmetic items for their character and the player’s home. And like all other Artix Entertainment games, Epic Duel celebrates Frostval in its own way. Fire Pro Wrestling World Outlines Upcoming 2020 Roadmap Including Takayamania 2 DLC This year, they call the event “Gifting 2019”, and everything revolves around the innovations introduced in the game.

Gifting 2019 arrives with new home items, new styles, new achievement and new gift prices. They have enlarged the prize pool, expanding it with new prices that may encourage players to check the gift before converting it to store credits. The gifts the developers have introduced this year include festive interior design, allowing players to decorate their homes for the season with new seasonal-themed items. They’ve also brought back some seasonal styles, including new Frost Knight styles for in-game and real-money varieties to complement Bido’s Frost Knight armor, one that currently exists in the game. But to access the armor from Bido’s Frost Knight, players will need to grind the daily gifts for the price drop gifts to find them. There are two varieties of Bido’s Frost Knight armor to collect.

The developers removed the Frost Warrior 2.0 armor and introduced the updated Frost Warrior 3.0 variant. As in previous seasons, players will want to increase item evaluation points by collecting a new seasonal achievement. And by reaching their seasonal goals, they should now have a lot of credits, according to the developers, so they say it should be a quick and easy buy in their personal achievement store.