Pat is associate degree insensitive

Ken’s boss and therefore the manager at Welltopia, Pat is associate degree insensitive and slightly racist man United Nations agency usually is that the butt of the joke. though he considers himself a benevolent dictator Visit us today  among his coworkers, he is shown to be duped on many occasions since Ken, Damona and Clark are well aware that Pat frequently has ulterior motives. After separating from his wife, he lives on a boat parked outside her house.

He fancies himself as a ladies’ man, although he only succeeds in sleeping with Damona.Dana Lee as D.K. Park, Ken’s stern, traditional father season , recurring season . In the season premiere, he starts to live in the Park household, language his partner In-Sook Ken’s mother left to go to family in peninsula for a year. D.K. later confesses he and In-Sook ar single.

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